The La Quinta High School Instrumental Music Department has a tradition of excellence. Our goal is giving our best at every performance.  The hours of hard work, the dedication of the staff and students should be evident in everything we do.  Thank you to all of you who support us in this cause.  We want to make your visit to this website informative and enjoyable.  This site belongs to the Parents and Boosters. Feel free to send us an email with suggestions or changes.


Welcome the La Quinta High School Music Department website. This site is used to provide information on Music Department events to parents, members, and boosters, and does not represent the Garden Grove Unified School District, its board, administrators, faculty, or students. The La Quinta High School Music Department, or any other members are not responsible for any misuse of this website. If you submit any photos, videos, or other data to our site, we reserve the right to edit them in any way. All trade marks, symbols, music, photos, and icons belong to their respective owners.



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THURSDAY, May 1, 2014

7pm to about 8pm

at La Quinta HS Room 409/408

Come to our monthly meetings and find out the latest news on Music Department activities.

  1. Tues., April 1 - BLOCK SCHEDULE (2, 4, 6); WG - Rehearsal - 6pm to 9pm

  2. Wed., April 2 - Honor Band Rehearsal - 5pm to 7pm (Bolsa Grande HS); DL - Rehearsal - 6pm to 9pm (if qualified for SCPA Finals)

  3. Thurs., April 3 - BLOCK SCHEDULE (1, 3, 5); WG - Rehearsal - 6pm to 9pm; Honor Band Concert - 7pm (Don Wash Auditorium at Garden Grove HS)

  4. Fri., April 4 - BLOCK SCHEDULE (2, 4, 6); WG - Rehearsal - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  5. Sat., April 5 -

  6. SUNDAY, April 6 - WG - WGASC Costa Mesa HS - 2:42pm (call TBA)

  1. Mon., April 7 - DL - Community Dinner (rehearsal: excused 5th and 6th period - return to LQ around 3pm; performance: leave LQ at 5:45pm and return to LQ 8:30pm)

  2. Tues., April 8 - WG - Rehearsal - 6pm to 9pm

  3. Wed., April 9 -

  4. Thurs., April 10 - WG - Rehearsal - 6pm to 9pm; Music Department Student Recital - 7pm (theater)

  5. Fri., April 11 - Spring Fest; WG - Rehearsal - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  6. Sat., April 12 - WG - WGASC Championships - TBA (call TBA)

  1. Mon, April 14 - Fri., April 18 - SPRING BREAK

APRIL 2014